Debt Recovery for Contractors


We at Adjudicate For You adhere to all laws and policies set by the government. In association with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the Government of Australia have also issued on the job guidelines for debt collectors.

Adjudicate For You provides professional debt recovery services using legislation designed for the building and construction industry in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, South Australia, ACT, and Tasmania. We use extensive experience and analysis, along with proven methods for recovering debt.  We ensure that you efficiently get the money for works you’ve performed. contractors’ debt recovery.

What is Debt Recovery?

A sale is considered complete when the payment is made; however, the problem arises when sales payment remains outstanding, or your debtor refuses to pay for credit sales. Debt recovery is a process of receiving payment for a debt that was written off and considered uncollectible.

Debt management is not only a mere collection of money from customers who don’t pay. During the process of recovery, debt collection provides an opportunity to build healthy relationships with the debtors, while eliminating the involvement of often costly litigation. The duration of the debt recovery process varies depending on the circumstances of the debt; however, the more quickly you can identify debt and notify your debt recovery agency, the debt can be resolved promptly. The reason behind that is because more effort is needed in locating the details of the debtor for old debts, and moreover, the risks of the companies becoming insolvent are higher. Chances are always high for a debtor to pay the debts when first contacted, while others may require the engagement of the Security of Payments Act as outlined above. We are the leading service providers in Australia for the contractor’s debt recovery using the Security Of Payment Act in the Building & Construction Industry.

Contractors Legal Rights Under Security of Payment Act

The Security of Payment Act ensures that a building contractor/subcontractor/tradespeople in the construction industry will get the right payment for the delivered goods and services, as outlined in the contract. The legal rights for the contractors include the following:

Right to progress claims: Here, you get the right to be paid during the entire construction Work.

Right to claim for interest: As long as the payment is outstanding, you can claim interests on the debt.

Right to suspend the current work or supply of goods: You can suspend the construction work or supply of goods for some valid reason.

Right to have a disputed claim be judged fairly by an authorized government adjudicator: You can initiate adjudication procedures under the law.

Right to approach the court if your claim is ignored: You can approach the court if adjudication was unfavourable to you.

Why Choose Us?

We are one of Australia’s leading advisors to suppliers and  contractors with a formidable reputation for delivering quick results to our clients. With great urgency and attention to detail, our business consultants analyse and understand your companies position to prepare the most complete and accurate adjudication application. With a team of high-performing construction professionals, we aim to avoid any costly and lengthy legal action for recovery of your payment claims and invoices in the most cost effective manner. Our unique experience and techniques help you strengthen your company processes to ensure that matters such as the dispute you are experiencing do not occur again. We not only prepare applications, but we offer additional account management activities such as business administration and project management consulting.