Other Services

Other Business Services by Adjudicate For You

As well as advise and prepare on matters relating to the Security of Payment Act (SOP), Adjudicate For You offer a range of services to ensure that the administration and progress of your projects are managed as they ought to be managed.

  • Pre Project Commencement Review.

    We review scope, contracts, pricing and any onerous requirements of a project prior to commencement. For the head contractor, we review any subcontractor offers to ensure the appropriate allowances have been included to ensure that a project commences with the best intentions of both parties. A large number of disputes arise from either party knowingly or unknowingly engaging with a party that has omitted or overlooked important and sometimes critical information.

  • Project Processes Review and Consultation

    If you have been awarded a project that requires an extra understanding of administration or processes, or if you simply need a fresh mind to assist with understanding your project’s real position, Adjudicate For You can assist with reviewing the project environment and tailoring a system to suit your project. From the fiscal aspect of payment claims, variations and payment schedules, to other important factors such as purchasing, time management, programming, and budget analysis.

    We can arrange a monthly independent review of your project to ensure it is being tracked and you have the best chance of delivering a profitable project.

  • Company Seminars and Information Sessions

    We can arrange closed-door seminars with company management to brief and inform of the importance of the Security of Payments Act (SOP). We can discuss the monthly requirements to ensure your business is protected and that your management is maximising their use of this effective and important tool.